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The Mighty Eagle

A story of inspiration...

Growing up, my Daddy used to tell us stories, feeding us with curiousity, many times using facts about animals in his teachings, much like Jesus did. I would love to share one of my favorites with you.

The eagle builds his nest on top of a rock, high in the mountains... usually over looking a valley.  I'll not go through how they raise there young, but did you know when a eagle is about midway in life, it goes into a depression? No one knows why. 

It fly's into the valley below the rock and there it sits.  The calcium starts to build up on it's beak and comes up over it's eyes, so it can hardly see... also on it's feet, so that it can hardly walk.  It sits there in it's depressed state and sometimes dies there, alone.

    Yet, there is some comfort for it... as it sits there, head down.  Once in a while, a young eagle will fly in and lay a rabbit at it's feet, trying to get the old eagle to eat.  It will not eat until it makes up it's own mind to come out of it's depression.  Once it makes up it's mind and comes out of that depression, then it will start to eat a little, until finally it will start to climb that mountain, back up to the of that rock.  

   It's a hard job... it is weak and falls a lot, but it keeps on trying until it finely makes it back to the top of that rock.  After resting a little, the eagle will then start banging it's head against that rock... breaking the calcium all off until it can see again. Then it will start banging it's feet against the rock to knock all the calcium deposits off them, sometimes making them bleed.

After doing all of this, he will rest.  A while later, you can see him go out to the edge of the rock and look over.  Pretty soon he will spread his wings and then there he goes, sailing over the valley.  He is back in business again!  Pretty soon he regains his strength and becomes stronger and more beautiful than he has ever been in his whole life.  {Read:  Psalms 103:1-5}

    You see, when we see a loved one in depression, our heart goes out to them.  We can talk to them and do everything that we can for them, but like the old eagle, it's not until that person makes up her, or his own mind to come out of it.  There is nothing that can be done, not even a doctor can handle this one.  You see sometimes we get down in the valley so low that it is hard to climb back up on top of the rock.

    The rock of our salvation is the Lord Jesus Christ and he is with us all the way.  (John 14:17)  For he dwelleth with you and shall be in you, (John 14:23) we will come unto him and make our abode with him.  John Chapter 1:  He was in the world and the world was made by him and the world knew him not.

    Jesus dwells within us... this is the holy spirit.  It is something to think about, the greatest spiritual being that ever was or ever will be, dwells within us.  He had no beginning and has no ending... Oh my sisters & brothers, if we could only grasp onto the depth of that, what in the world do we have to worry about?

An eretnity of love,
~ charlene kibbey maynard ~

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